Carrara is a unique town that merges with the Alps in a succession of different and captivating landscapes: on one side the vastness of the sea, and on the other the white mountain profiles that have made the history and the fortune of this place great.


the marble capital

Italy is the first marble-producing country in the world also in the field of quarrying, producing about one third of the total raw production of ornamental stones, and Tuscany is the home of Apuan white marble, the marble par excellence, the oldest quarried and most widely known.

It is precisely from the Apuan Alps that the white marble of Carrara, one of the most precious marbles, famous and renowned throughout the world, has been extracted since pre-Roman times.

Carrara is not only the mother of one of the most precious marbles in history, but also a world centre for the transformation of stone products into projects and works of art


Company history

The name Marmeria Italiana makes you immediately think of an ancient workmanship, which has made the history of the Carrara area and the Apuan Alps thanks to its precious white marble, unique and inimitable

A name that embodies the history of this company that was formed thanks to the union of expert entrepreneurs who have their roots in the territory, in stone working, in craftsmanship and who travel the world to bring up the quality of the Made in Italy.

Marmeria Italiana is the brand of the company Anima Srl founded by Geronimo Madrigali and Emanuele Palladini who, moved by the common desire to launch Italian material and craftsmanship into the world, joined forces in 2015 to create the Carrara-based company.

Geronimo Madrigali has a passion for marble work which has been handed down from generation to generation because his father, since the late 70’s, has dedicated himself to the research of the most beautiful and exclusive granites in Brazil and Sri Lanka, becoming, in a short time, the major importer and seller of blocks from these areas of the world.

In the early 2000s Geronimo Madrigali joined his father Stefano in the company’s activity becoming, with the passing of time, a great connoisseur of raw materials, an expert in the choice of blocks and of production partners.

Emanuele Palladini, a modenese with a strong passion for entrepreneurship and for all that is luxury craftsmanship, began his career as Sales Manager for ceramic materials, becoming over time a great expert and connoisseur of the Russian and Arabian markets. Thanks to his passions, to the constant desire to open new markets, and to the natural raw material, he approached the stone material at the beginning of 2010, becoming in a short time the reference point for large architectural firms and customers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Dubai.

Geronimo Madrigali and Emanuele Palladini established Anima Srl in 2015, and together they led the company to become the reference point for the marketing of blocks, slabs, manufactured products and, above all, to bring to the marble sector of Carrara the huge international projects.

Today, Anima srl with the brand Marmeria Italiana is dedicated to the management of top-quality projects, providing a complete, exclusive and custom-made service: from the choice of the material in the quarry, to the supply of the slabs, the processing, the transport, all the way up to the installation.

Marmeria Italiana is currently a leader in the sector both for the quality of the materials proposed and for the supply and management of the necessary materials for the completion of the executive project.

About us

Natural beauty is our raw material

More than thirty-five years of experience selecting, choosing, and transforming marble and natural stone would be nothing without the heart that animates our passion for craftsmanship and well-made products.

We are a group of marble professionals whose work concept is to put the most precious element in the world at the centre of every project, always: the beauty of natural stone.

Our passion for this ancient work is renewed every day: a work which is handed down from generation to generation and is to be taken everywhere: from our land to the cities, the homes and the hearts of all the people who choose us.