The Brand


The word marmeriaindicates the laboratory where marble is worked, and the adjective Italianidentifies its belonging to Italy from a geographical standpoint.

This combination of words, apparently obvious, symbolizes, emphasizes and tries to stress how important it is to maintain the tradition of Italian craftsmanship made of ancient processes that have always brought up the value of the Made in Italy.

The naming “marmeriaitaliana” encapsulates the past and the future of a unique and inimitable craftsmanship that deserves to be preserved and handed down.

The Brand


The Brand logo can be seen from different points of view:

– the stylization of a block of marble divided into slabs;

– the bank that stands out from the mountain;

– the M for marble and the I for Italian.

Uniqueness and immediate recognizability for a logo that represents a company with its roots in marble and Italian craftsmanship.